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The Roads 2 Survival™ program was initially developed in Australia by A/Professor William (Bill) Griggs, AM, ASM, Director of Trauma Services at the Royal Adelaide Hospital along with major input from teenagers, parents and many other concerned individuals and organisations.

The program is a community based initiative. While modelled on a number of other initiatives from around the world, it has been developed in Australia to address Australian issues.   The work of others is gratefully acknowledged.

The Parent - Young Person Safe Driving Agreement was initially trialled in Australia at Prince Alfred College (PAC) in Adelaide, South Australia. It has now been used in more than fifty schools within Australia and overseas.

As this is a community based initiative, we do not require any payment and the agreements are always free to download.

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service has used the Parent - Young Person Safe Driving Agreement as part of its Road Awareness and Accident Prevention program (RAAP) - an adaptation of a program which involves emergency service personnel and also sometimes young victims attending schools and discussing what happens in road crashes with the students. This has been a very successful liasion. Thousands of agreements have been distributed to students in this way.

A number other organisations have also made use of one or other of the Roads 2 Survival agreements - a number of these are mentioned on our Supporters page.

Any organisation/school/group that is interested in using any or all of the agreements is encouraged to contact us or to just download the agreements. Customised agreements with your own logo can be produced if desired.

Please email Bill Griggs or email [email protected] for more information.

 For website issues please contact Dr Maree White, web site manager at [email protected]

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