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Learning to Drive Safely

The Roads 2 Survival™ program was developed by young people, parents and other concerned community members to help families address the issues that relate to young driver crashes. It is a community based initiative. There is no charge to download and/or use the agreements. Roads2Survival™ has been totally funded by concerned private individuals.

The initial cornerstone of the program was the Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement. This Agreement is a tool to help families to discuss safety on the roads. It is designed for the family with a young person who is either a new driver or is learning to drive. It allows families the choice to set their own conditions. Importantly it asks for commitments from the parent(s)/guardian(s) as well as from the son/daughter. The Agreement is discussed and filled in together by the parent(s) and the young person who is learning to drive or still an inexperienced driver. Items may be omitted or jointly modified as the family feels appropriate.

Four other Agreements have been developed after feedback suggested they would be useful.

The Peer Group Young Person Safe Driving Agreement is designed for young people to agree to support each other in issues of road safety, while they are still new drivers or learning to drive. Thius is ideal for sporting clubs with young teams

The School/Parent/Child Road Safety Agreement addresses road safety issues relevant to the early primary school age child and his/her parent(s) and school. This, along with the "Road Rangers" agreement below is based on the concept that children start to learn their driving behaviour from an early age when they are spending time as passengers. For example adult driving behaviour during school pickups and dropoffs (both good and bad) may set a standard which is picked up by a young child and then repoeated 10-15 years later.

The "Road Rangers "School/Parent/Child Road Safety Agreement is a shorter version of the one above. It was developed for a specific group and show how the agreements may be modified if required. The "Road Rangers" concept has proved popular with young children.

The New Baby-Family Road Safety Agreement was most recently developed and is now available. This Agreement addresses road safety issues relevent to the newborn child and his/her parent(s).

Any of the agreements can be modified as the people filling them in see fit. It is your choice.

A copy of any of the Agreements can be viewed or downloaded from here.

The Roads 2 Survival™ program is available to any schools or other relevent institutions/organisations who would like to take ownership of this issue. Electronic versions of the Agreement(s) can be supplied with your own school crest/logo on it. Modifed versions can also be supplied. There are programs for all younger students and those in the age group who are learning to drive.

As mentioned above this is a community based initiative. It is provided free of charge. It has also worked well as an add-on to other road safety initiatives (such as the RAAP program) . Please see the contacts page for more information or email us at [email protected]

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